Newborn Photography Package

A Newborn Session has 2-3 themes/set-ups and includes the following:

1. Newborn shots - tiny hands & feet details (Theme 1)

2. Lifestyle shots of the newborn (Theme 2)

3. A Family Portrait , Individual Shots with Mom & Dad (Theme 3)

4. A poster print on art paper (2ft X 1.25 ft approx)

A Maternity + Newborn Session (Combo) includes the following:

1. Maternity Theme 1 - Announcement Shots

2. Maternity Theme 2 - Mom and Dad-to-be Portraits

3. Newborn Theme 1 - Newborn shots, tiny hands & feet shots

4. Newborn Theme 2 - A Family Portrait

5. Shot with Mother

6. Shot with Father

7. Two Poster Prints on Art Paper - 2ftx1.25ft. (approx) each

1. 50% booking advance, remaining 50% to be paid on delivery of images, taxes are charged extra if applicable

2. Only 25% of the booking advance is refundable in case of shoot cancellation

3. Images from the shoot shall be used for my personal portfolio promotion & exhibition

4. No RAW data (images) is shared, only final retouched images as per package deliverables are provided

5. Final Images are shared between 4-6 weeks from the date of your shoot

6. In the combo package, the newborn session is valid till 2 months from the birth date of the baby

7. In case of Newborn shoot cancellation, the combo will automatically convert to a regular Maternity Package