Newborn Photoshoot at Home
Home Photoshoot

Capture every delicate moment of your little one — from the very moment they open their eyes.

With me, Newborn Sessions are always home session. A familiar environment puts the newborn and parents both at ease, making the session a comfortable one for them.

What we do?

I like capturing the tiny details of newborns along with their pictures with mommy & daddy. Themes are planned in discussion with the parents.

How's it done?

When you book with us, it's usually a day with your family. I believe in following the baby's routine during shoot. The baby's nap time is our break time. :)

Right time for shoot?

It's best to click newborns between 15-45 days old. Their movement is less and they are sound sleepers around this time. Both these key features work the best for a shoot.

When to book?

It's always a good idea to plan and book 2 weeks in advance from the shoot date, helps in planning the themes and session better.

Do you cover other family members?

Yes we do! During home sessions, everyone wants a picture with the little one, especially the grandparents. I believe in making wholesome memories for families, therefore a top-up can be taken on the newborn package to add such shots of all family members.

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