Lifestyle Home Photoshoot
Lifestyle Home Photoshoot

Capture every delicate moment of your little one — sitter baby session with mom & dad.

Home sessions provide a familiar environment for both the baby and parents, putting everyone at ease and making the experience more comfortable.

What we do?

I enjoy capturing families in the comfort of their own homes. It's not only less stressful for new parents but also allows them to preserve beautiful memories in their favorite place. Planning ahead includes coordinating clothing and color palettes to complement the decor of their home.

How's it done?

When you book with us, it's not just a photo session but a day spent with your family. I believe in following the baby's natural routine during the shoot. We schedule breaks around the baby's nap time, ensuring everyone stays relaxed and comfortable throughout the session

Do you cover other family members?

Certainly! During home sessions, everyone, especially grandparents, loves having a picture with the little one. You can opt for an add-on to include shots of all family members.

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