Outstation Maternity Photoshoot

Akanksha, who’s a nutritionist and wellness coach from Meerut, invited me to her home for a Maternity Photoshoot. And I loved every bit of transforming her photoshoot vision to reality.

Maternity Drape Shoot
Maternity Photoshoot Posing Ideas
Home Maternity Photoshoot

The Magic of Maternity Photoshoots at Home

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate this milestone is through a maternity photoshoot. While many envision maternity photoshoots taking place in scenic outdoor locations or professional studios, there’s something uniquely intimate and meaningful about capturing these moments right in the comfort of your own home. And when you have pets at home, it’s cherry on cake.

Maternity Couple Shoot

To ensure a successful and enjoyable maternity photoshoot at home, here are some tips for preparation:

  • Take a home video tour to understand the space
  • Plan outfits and a color palette for shoot
  • Share references with the couple for posing ideas

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