Baby Photo Shoot - Paint Party Photography
Outdoor Photoshoot

Paint Party Photography Session

Misha’s mom & dad wanted to have a fun photoshoot for her first birthday. While we skimmed through a lot of themes, we felt that playing with colors and making her first painting would be pure joy and a memory forever!

What we do?

The paint party session is true to its name - it’s a party with lots of colours, brushes and canvases, messy hands, and of course, happy kids.

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How's it done?

When you book with us, we choose between indoor or an outdoor session. It's usually a day out or a fun-filled shoot at home with paint party set-up.


If there is one activity that brings out a child’s creativity, playfulness and imagination to its fullest – it is art! Give kids a blank canvas and some colours to splash around and they’ll create something remarkable while having their best fun.