Importance of Family Portraits

In my childhood I loved looking at the old photos of my family. I would spend hours imagining what it was like to live back those days. It gave me a sense of pride and connection to the past and part of my family that is no longer touchable. I am so grateful that my grandparents gave me a gift of history by taking this family portrait. This is the only way we grandchildren will know what it was like to live in those years and how our grandparents looked at the age of 30.

Family portraits are important; they are the most touchable piece of your legacy.

It is important for us to archive our history. It’s like a responsibility to ensure our future generations are able to cherish these memories, just like we do. So when everyone’s got to be in the same frame, there has to be someone who clicks you all as warmly as possible. Therefore, take the time to hire a right professional who understands the value of this family legacy.

Here’s a quick check list for planning your family photo session.

Hire the right professional  This is the first step. Thoroughly look in to their website portfolio and schedule a consultation session. Location of the shoot-home/studio/location? How flexible is the photographer with travelling to areas? How creative can the shots be? Many family photographers will travel to the right location that suits your family’s needs.

Family Photography by Priya Goswami

Clothing and the Weather Make sure to check the weather on the day of your shoot. Plan an outfit that will make the weather tolerable to you and your little ones. I always suggest families that they should be a little colour-coordinated, it is a good idea to look somewhat uniform so that the eye is drawn to the faces and not the clothing when the image is created. I mostly suggest whites and pastels.

Family Portrait at an outdoor location

Pick a location If you don’t have an idea of where you’d like to have your family portrait session, discuss it with your photographer – home, studio or outdoors. While the indoors are cozy, warm and more comfortable for the family; outdoors add a bit of drama and scenic beauty to the sunlit shots.

A Family Fun Day
Make your session a fun day for the family Get your kids excited for their photo shoot! Tell them they are going to have a fun time playing with their new photographer friend. Make the whole day a fun day so everyone is in a great mood.

Taking family photographs is not just clicking a group of people, it is much more than that.

Professional family photographers understand that some moments are magical. Whether your son is blowing a kiss at you or your daughter is hugging you, a good family photographer is quick to capture these moments that adds a special magic in your family history.

So, here’s to creating these beautiful memories, Cheers!

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