And everything in sight faded down to these *BEAUTIFUL SILHOUETTES*.

Silhouettes have always intrigued me, they are like an unspoken poetry that needs to be read between the lines. Similarly, this maternity session turned out to be a beautiful poetry of love, wait and happiness for the arrival of a new life.

Creative Maternity Photographer in Delhi

I had an amazing time clicking this adorable mommy-daddy duo. Both doctors by profession, with mommy being a gynaecologist herself, were looking for a maternity shoot for their memories. Since I wanted to try something different yet equally elegant and artistic, we decided to include some silhouette captures in the session. And they pulled it off beautifully!

Simply in love with these captures depicting the essence of pregnancy.

Client’s Testimonial

Dr. Atul Batra: We got the Pregnancy photoshoot from Priya. She is amazingly patient about photography, very professional. Thanks a lot for the memorable pictures for a lifetime.

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