Paint Party Photography Session

Birthdays, Play Dates or Sibling Get-togethers – Paint Party Session just sets the mood and memories right!

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For kids: 2-5 yrs

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Available in Delhi/NCR and across country.

If there is one activity that brings out a child’s creativity, playfulness and imagination to its fullest – it is art! Give kids a blank canvas and some colours to splash around and they’ll create something remarkable while having their best fun.

If you are a parent, you’ll agree how much kids love playing with colours. Their happiness is incomparable, and for you, this joy is all that matters. Add to this siblings, cousins and friends, and voila – look at that paint party go all crazy! And that is what paint party photography session is all about! – capturing that raw, unadulterated fun!

What's Included?

The paint party session is true to its name – it’s a party with lots of colours, brushes and canvases, messy hands, and of course, happy kids. It’s an activity designed to photograph and preserve these incredible moments of your kid’s creative enthusiasm, cheerful energy, laughter, and innocence forever.


Canvas with stand to make it easier for kids. No. of canvas vary as per the group size.


Brushes and coloring plates for kids to mix colors well. Brushes of every size and type.


Child friendly colors available in both water & acrylic colors.

Why a professional photoshoot?

You might wonder – kids have fun anyways, so why not click a regular photo?

Well, we all have pictures from our childhood photos but the ones we hold closest are the ones which take us back to a happy memory. And these photos are our time-travel machines that instantly take us back to the pure joy we felt in that captured moment

The paint party is such an opportunity to make a memorable event for your kids who will never forget the uninterrupted fun they have while they play with their friends and family. And these candids and unique portraits will always make them relive these beautiful moments forever!

Will my child enjoy this?

Worried that your kids might not be enjoy the session? I hear you.

As a professional babies, kids and family portrait photographer, I have over seven years of experience in clicking children. The paint party package is a result of all that I have learnt about children while spending enough time with them all these years. I am well aware of how they behave, enjoy or not in different situations.

Trust me when I say this this activity is designed carefully to make it comfortable and easy for your kids while their creativity is encouraged and unleashed. This package is all about having fun!

“Every child is an artist”

 Pablo Picasso

Brushes, Canvas, Colors and a Bunch of Kids - A Perfect Paint Party Photoshoot!

Hit us up if you want to plan a fun day for your kids with a splash of colors along with photo memories for life.

Paint Party Photography Session