Family portraits are important; they are the most touchable piece of your legacy. People often ask me about the right time and age to get their family pictures done and I always say it’s the moment you think it is, “That’s The Right Time!”.

Fine Art Family Portrait Session in Delhi

The Gupta’s just completed 10 years of their togetherness and realized there was no better way to celebrate and cherish the occasion than a family portrait photo-shoot. I have always loved capturing familial bonds in fine art portraits in my own distinctive style where the emotions of my subjects are captured in their purest form. And they come out to be magical when pinned on the walls of a house, exuding all the warmth and love to anyone who looks at it. So, we scheduled it on their anniversary where they were at their best – joyful and full of love!

Family Photo Shoot in Delhi

I really admire families who document their family moments and history. Such sessions are precious; and not only about documenting growth but also about creating a box full of memories and nostalgia together. Just imagine when these boys grow up and look back at these pictures, how they will reminisce it! ♥

Family Photo Shoot in Delhi

The boys were not only vivacious but their confident self in front of the camera 🙂 . And the little one was quite a charmer, but the older one also knew how to outdo his charm 😀 .

Family Photographer in Delhi, India

Varun and Megha didn’t really get a pre-wedding shoot done when they got married, so I thought of creating a little moment for them in this shot.

Family Photography in Delhi

The warmth, love & bonding this family exudes reflects so well in these images, and I feel privileged to have been able to capture this legacy for them.

Well, time slips by and there will be no second chance to capture the way your children and you are right now, so let’s schedule that family portrait session and create these beautiful memories for a lifetime. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Do drop a comment if you liked this fine art family session, would love some motivation and feedback. ♥

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